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Good Breeding Stock was developed in response to hurricane Maria, the 2017 storm which devastated St. Croix. For weeks I felt inadequate as I couldn't find tangible ways to help my community recover from the storm. Cable wires were strewn all over our  island for months and some how I hadn't noticed them until the day I noticed them. Literally, I heard this prompting to pick them up, contrary to the orders not to pick them up. I wrestled with the urge to pick them up and lost. I finally began grabbing cable along the streets wherever I could.  I finally got permission to "harvest" them from a storage site designated for collection to be shipped off to a dumpsite.

The sculpture began as a response to an exhibition titled "Animism" curated by Janet Cook-Rutnik on the legacy of Senapole cattle breeding which begun on St. Croix. This piece speaks to the forced breeding of "strong, stocky, good breeder" enlsaved Africans for the propagation of stronger slaves as was done with cattle and other livestock.

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