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  • Niarus Walker

ArtPrize 2021 - Good Breeding Stock

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I created the image as an amalgamation of the human being and animal, specifically the Senepol cattle, which was developed and bred on St. Croix. The image represents the very tangible reality of how enslaved Africans were bred as cattle from the fittest of the population in order to harvest a stronger breed that could survive the hardships of slavery in much the same way the Senepol was bred to be less susceptible to diseases and to withstand the harsh Caribbean climate.

ArtPrize® is an open, independently organized international art competition which takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It celebrates artists working in all mediums from anywhere in the world, and is open to any creative with an artwork to enter and a venue willing to host it. For 18 days, art is exhibited throughout the city in public parks and museums, in galleries and vacant storefronts, in bars and on bridges. ArtPrize awards $450,000 directly to artists, through grants to support their ambitious work and through prizes which the public decides through the ArtPrize website.

Many thanks for the local support from M&T Tang How LLC, Tropical Shipping, Royal Food Import, RE/MAX, Glass 2000, Candia Atwater Shields, Cane Roots Art Gallery, CMCarts, Viya, Monica Marin, Foundation for Contemporary Arts and a grant from ArtPrize and the Grand Rapids Community College for a percentage of the shipping costs.

Follow the links below for more information:

This project was supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant


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