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CONTACT: Niarus Walker at email: Tel: 340 277 6307

Local artist Niarus Walker will release a series of 10 small drawings on paper sized 12” x18” inches, each inspired by the 25 years she has spent working with students. Each drawing reflects an experience or memory, based on 25 years of teaching high school and dealing with poor memory issues, but also makes a specific comment about the nuances of identity. This series (which is also done on a large scale) was also a result of the examination of old photos of “locals”, such as women at the market, taken of  Virgin Islanders. The images are so dark and obscured, with no names to identify the figures other than a general “market woman,” who cannot be remembered, because she is one of so many “market women”,  or the image is of someone’s back, ergo, Niarus has embarked upon this narrative to explore this experience of identity and memory.

 “These drawings are a sort of capsule of time to serve as a sort of memory of  youthful agility, identity, purpose and life.”

The Memory and Experience series will be released on Thursday, December 19th , 2019 via the artist website and Instagram: @niarusart.

Be sure to check out larger works at the Top Hat on Dec. 5th, 2019. For additional information, contact Niarus at or Tel. 340 277-6307

Image information: Out of context, A little help from my friend, and Waiting are three works in the series. All pieces offered online are 12” x 18” charcoal and pastel on brown paper.

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