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So much of our identity is wrapped up in the things we own; our houses, our cars, the clothes we wear, the tchotchkes on our shelves.  Those things hold our collective and generational memories and hence our immortality. The four works in this series reflect  a contemplation on how identities are shaped by the meaning we apply to objects. What the Countries brought us is a play on the China cabinet where all the precious items were kept for special occasions and which were passed down to heirs after death. In this instant I have chosen specific objects and images of events that are passed down generationally through collective memory and experience. My alabaster box is a portrait of my daughter with her larger than life afro, because I was always being asked if she was my daughter. Her hands reflects my existence as a woman and all that that entails and For a teaspoon of sugar I delve into the history of the US Virgin Islands which is my home.

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